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Printing Your Images

Digital printing is very cheap these days. A 6" x 4" print costs only a few cents, an 8" x 10" print might be $5 and an A3 print might be $20. Also, there are now a wide range of services available that offer things such as the printing of gift cards or canvas prints.


Printing at a Photo Shop or Chemist

Copy your photo onto a USB memory stick (borrow one from your kids, or get one from a newsagent or Officeworks) and take it along to your photo shop. They will typically have a 'photo booth' that you plug your memory stick into and you then follow the prompts. If you are uncomfortable using the booth the shop assistants are usually more than happy to help.

There are a few choices to make in ordering your prints.


Ordering Prints Over the Web

You don't need a USB memory stick and you don't need to get out of your chair for this. There are a number of on-line photo printing services available and the turnaround is usually very quick. One service I have used is Camerahouse (I have no connection with them). Here is a link to their introduction to internet photo ordering. I do not bother with their application that you download, I go straight to their web wizard.

The process is very much like using a photo booth. Select the branch closest to you, follow the prompts to enter your details and then upload your photo for printing. (Remember, if you are unsure of things you can always bail out before the checkout!) Prints are usually available for pickup within an hour or so, you can even get them posted out to you.


Printing on your Colour Printer at Home

Even a cheap printer can produce excellent results but you should note the following: